2014 Town of Troy’s Decision of Combustible Motor Ordinance

At the November 12, 2014, Town of Troy Board meeting, the Board of Supervisors addressed the year-long concerns regarding Lulu Lake, and the request for a proposed electric only ordinance on the lake.  The Board decided that they were not in favor of passing the ordinance but is in favor of forming a Research and Education Coalition for Lulu Lake, that would report to the Town of Eagle and Troy every 3 months, plus provide an annual report to the Towns in December and explain their findings.
Town of Troy feels the Coalition would create technical and public outreach activities, with working groups conducting research and monitoring projects, and would implement public education.
The Coalition would be selected from open minded leaders from the Towns of Troy and Eagle, The Nature Conservancy, Eagle Spring Lake Management District, and The Friends of the Mukwonago River watershed.
It was also discussed that the Lake Patrols from both lakes need to be more involved with the public and residents of the lakes.  Education will be a key factor on the whole plan if it is to have a positive result for the long term future of Lulu Lake.
At the December 16, 2014 Eagle Spring Lake Management District meeting, Tom Day was appointed as the representative from Eagle Spring Lake to serve on the Lulu Lake Coalition.
Lulu Committee Meeting are being held on the 3rd Thursday of the Month at the Town of Troy Hall starting at 7:00pm; these are open to the public for anyone who would like to attend.  You may want to contact the Town of Troy before attending the meeting to verify the date/time.
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