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In April 2015, Town of Eagle ordinances pertaining to Eagle Spring Lake were amended and additional ordinances were put into place.  Please be aware that there are ordinances requiring you to reverse your motor when entering the channel to Lulu Lake, and again prior to entering Lulu Lake.  Remember, Lulu Lake is a slow-no-wake lake. A frequent complaint from boaters is operating too fast in the access channel to Lake Lulu.
Eagle Spring Lake does have an ordinance in which limits all boats/watercraft to a maximum speed limit of 50 mph on Saturdays, Sundays. and Holidays.  You are encouraged to become familiar with the Town of Eagle Ordinances (15-03, 15-04, 15-05) pertaining to Eagle Spring Lake and the channel leading to Lulu Lake, please check at the public launch for the latest on the “local” regulations.  Please observe Ski Channel route – wide turn into channel and “hug” island side to maintain legal distance from pier on main shore.
The DNR can randomly stop and go through a check, however, the Lake Patrol will usually only stop you only if they see something that is wrong, for example, an expired boat registration sticker.  You generally receive these in March or April.  Once stopped they have the right and generally will check for safety violations, etc.  Many times non-residents or friends and relatives of lake residents are stopped by the Lake Patrol because they’re not familiar with the regulations, i.e., slow-no-wake-areas, traffic patterns (see below), life preserver/cushion requirements, and that the certificate of registration must be on all motor boats when in operation.
The “100 foot rule” also applies to those being towed, i.e., skiers, tubers, etc.
Also of importance, Wisconsin Statutes prohibit launching a boat, boat trailer, or boating equipment if there are any aquatic plants or zebra mussels attached.
Hopefully these brief comments will encourage you to spend a few valuable minutes prior to enjoying a safe summer of recreational activities on our Lake.
Ski Route/Brief Overview Map
15-03 Boating Ordinance
15-04 Emergency Slow-No-Wake Ordinance
15-05 Reverse Motor Ordinance
Town of Troy Ordinance 15-02 Reverse Motor
Eagle Spring Lake Patrol Reports