2017 Carp Attack on Eagle Spring/Lulu Lake – Another Winner

Two were tagged in 2009, four in 2010, six in 2011, six in 2012, four in 2014, two in 2016, and another two to be tagged in 2017.
04-16-13-brian-wallis-and -jim-wallis
04-13-16 Brian and Jim Willis – $1,000 winner
On April 16, 2013 the 1st tagged carp was turned in for reward since this program started in 2009.
A lucky father and son team, Brian and James from Oconomowoc cashed in on the 1st tagged carp which was worth $500.00 plus a bonus $500.00 for being the 1st one captured.
05-21-13 Chad Ostaszewski - $500 winner
05-21-13 Chad Ostaszewski – $500 winner
The second tagged carp was turned in for reward on May 21, 2013 by Chad Ostaszewki from Milwaukee (summer cottage on Eagle Spring Lake), and claimed his reward worth $500.00 for the second tagged carp of the year.
11-16-15 Tom Day congratulating Jim Wallis - $1000 winner
11-16-15 Tom Day congratulating Jim Wallis – $1000 winner
3rd Tagged Carp was captured on November 15, 2015.
Just when we thought everyone was done for the year, Brian and James Wallis from Oconomowoc once again won the 1st tagged carp of the year and reaped in a reward of another $1,000.


Brandon Smith with his $1,000 tagged carp
Brandon Smith with his $1,000 tagged carp
During the evening of April 13, 2017, Service Vet, Brandon Smith of Elkhorn, arrowed one of fourteen carp he and two of his buddies were harvesting on Eagle Spring Lake.
It was the first 2017 tagged carp harvested.  So by their agreement, they will be splitting $1,000.  Any additional tagged carp harvested during 2017 are worth $500 each.
This particular carp was one of four tagged in July 2014.  One of these four was harvested on November 15, 2015, so two remain from 2014 along with the two tagged in 2016.  Since the tagging program started in 2009, thirty have been tagged.  With this latest tagged carp, a total of four have been harvested with a total cash payout of $3,500.  In total, more than 3100 carp have been removed from Eagle Spring Lake/Lulu Lake through this program.
You could be the next winner.
The tag must be intact on the fish for the reward to be valid.  For payment call Tom Day (262) 594-3231 or John Mann at (262) 594-8972.
Please do NOT return carp to the lake.
The public boat launch dumpster can be used for disposal of the carp.
Please do NOT use the dumpster for disposal of fish from other lakes.
Please keep noise and lights at a minimum late at night.
Thank you and Good Luck!